Monday, 31 August 2015

Sending out some #BronzeLove

Today, we're excitedly sending out another round of Bronze & Skin Rewards gift vouchers! There's a new batch of lucky ladies this time who will be receiving a little bit of #BronzeLove.....they are: Suzanne, Louise, Meg, Lisa, Tara, Cathy, Catherine, Margot, Barbara, Mel, & Jade!

If you're wishing more than anything to have YOUR name included in this list next go 'round, be sure you're a Rewards Club member (of one or both!) and book in for your next treatment! With our rewards clubs, you can receive $50 vouchers, special offers, amazing discounts on treatments, as well as collect rewards points year-round. 

Buy a membership for a friend- what a perfect present- the gift that keeps on giving! 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Beauty Truth or Myth: Growing Brows Back

Along with makeup, hair, and fashion trends, eyebrows are certainly something that changes with the times. We've seen the rage go from bushy brows, to pencil thin- barely there brows, all the way back to bushy again. Needless to say, the rumors about brows swirl thick no matter the current trend, because brows frame the face and really make an impact. Here are some facts and some myths surrounding all things eye brows.

*It's true that some eye brow hairs may not grow back due to past damage- over plucking.

*Eyebrow hair grows on approximately a 28 day cycle, so it's advised not to have professional waxing or shaping done more than once per month for this reason.

*Threading is a hair removal technique that actually stimulates proper hair growth, so if it's a concern for you, threading could be a really great option.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Spraytoniqs Spray Tan Sesh

We are so proud of our Spraytoniqs Spray Tan system- it will simply revolutionize the spray tan world as we know it! Everything from the spray tan pouches, to the gun, to the booth are all specially designed for delivering the best spray tan known to man.

THE TAN: The Spraytoniqs tanning solutions have been revolutionized to address each client's unique skin type and skin tone. These custom pouches of color result in the most natural and realistic tan results.

THE GUN: The Gun is both unique & innovative- our own design. It creates the finest mist for maximum skin absorption, superior wear & fade of your tan. This gun performs the most advanced contouring functions and isn't available to any other manufacturer. 

THE BOOTH: Spraytoniqs offers the first fully integrated tanning and extraction system that includes a chemical grade filter to deliver the cleanest, safest, most hygienic tan experience. 

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Love Your Makeup: Application Lessons & Online Shopping

At Bronzalicious, we are avid lovers of all the beautiful things, least of which of course includes makeup. Recently, photographers seem to be feeling inspired by these beauty bits as well, as we're seeing some seriously stunning photo campaigns that are focused exclusively on smears, stains, and gobs of makeup. 

Not only can you shop for your favorite makeup products in our online store.......we also offer special event makeup and makeup lessons- covering all your needs in one go! Book in today and start wearing the makeup of your dreams every single day. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

CBD Sale- Last Call!

We're running a limited time special in our CBD location- any and all of these treatments can be redeemed for this special price before 5 PM. 

These incredible treatments are only available through the end of August 2015- book one, or book them all! Full details can be found here.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Current Specials + Gifts!

When you book in for a Medi Skin Start Up Pack, you'll receive an O-Cosmedics starter pack along with the included skincare treatments. Each kit contains a cleanser, exfoliant, serum, and/or creams that are selected for your particular skin type.

This treatment is a current salon special, with over $327 worth of savings built in! Grab one while you can for the low price of $449 and you'll be on your way to healthy, youthful, glowy skin! 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Introducing MEDI Skin Start Up Pack

The path to youthful skin starts with our Medi Skin startup pack. This treatment is a great way to get your skincare routine back on track. Clean out your pores, brighten and tone your skin, and set the base for improvement moving forward.

Medi-Skin Start Up Pack Includes:

*detailed skin analysis 
*full face skin needling treatment
*medi strength peel 
*LED bright light session 
* O Cosmedics Home Care Starter Pack 

Valued at $776, yours today for $449!! Grab it online here. 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

So what's up with Skin Needling?

What do wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and uneven skin have in common?

They disappear or dramatically reduce in appearance after undergoing a new, highly innovative treatment at Bronzalicious |Tan |Skin| Body known as skin needling.

A relatively new treatment to Australia, Bronzalicious |Tan|Skin|Body’s highly trained clinical therapists are masters of this new technology that provides scientifically proven results for the treatment and management of CIT (collagen induction therapy) wrinkles, sun damage, acne, scarring, stretch marks, enlarged pores and hair thinning and hair loss.

Bronzalicious |Tan|Skin|Body founder, Melanie Corlis, explains skin needling involves the use of a hand held roller with numerous microscopic needles. As it is rolled over the skin the needles penetrate the upper layers of the skin to a depth of up to 2mm depending on the needle length used.
"This process has two major benefits to our clients. Not only does it stimulate collagen production but it simultaneously provides a clear channel for topical gels and creams to be more effectively absorbed through the top layer of skin.

"The results to date have been very impressive with skin needling providing an array of proven results for a range of individual and simultaneous skin conditions that are other treatments cannot.
Another big advantage of skin needling is there is little or no down time, with most clients only experiencing a slight reddening of the skin afterwards, similar to a mild sunburn, which fades after a few hours. For those undertaking the treatment at Bronzalicious |Tan |Skin |Body a numbing cream is applied to the skin beforehand.

Bronzalicious|Tan|Skin|Body also has at home skin needling kits. A consultation with one of the clinical therapists is recommended prior to purchase to assist clients in maximising at home results.
Try our Youth-A-Nator facial treatment which provides incredible results for wrinkles, ageing, acne scars, and collagen renewal. This facial Includes skin needling treatment + paraffin hand treatment + max7 LED session 3 days after treatment

Thursday, 6 August 2015

High Fashion Magazine #Inspo

We're feeling inspired by these magazine high fashion magazine campaigns. The hair and makeup are seriously on point!

With deliciously deep spray tans, perfect contours and beautiful colors pulled together, the photos do all the talking!

What is keeping you inspired, happy, and grounded right now?! 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Warm Up! Winter Treats are here!

Don't let the winter chill get you down in the dumps, Bronzalicious is here to help! Our Warming Winter treatments are just the thing to bring the warmth back to your body & soul. We're offering three Winter Treat options for a limited time only: Winter Toes, Winter Body, and Winter Face to ensure there is an ideal option on the menu for anyone and everyone who's ready for a warm up this Winter.