Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Puffy eyes, be gone!

We've all had them one time or another, and we're guessing you've all hated them! So we've complied a few remedies for you to help deflate puffy eyes! 

Tea Bag Trick: You would have heard the age old remedy of the cold tea bag, this is not just some old wives' tale. Many experts recommend and suggest the little old tea bag can produce a great de-puffing effect. Wet regular tea bags then leave in the fridge until chilled. Place over eyes for about ten minutes. If the thought of putting teabags on your eyes freaks you out, use the tea water and soak cotton pads and place them on your eyes! If you are out of tea and have a cucumber on hand, this will also give a good de-puff. If all else fails, try frozen peas! 
Doze & De-puff: Make sure you aren't burning the candle at both ends as being tired will not help those puffy eyes! If you are getting enough sleep perhaps try sleeping with your head slightly elevated (2 pillows will do the trick), this will help to reduce excess fluid. 
The Professional Product: If puffy eyes are a common sight then considering investing in an eye gel (store in the fridge for a further soothing effect). We recommend - Bergman Comfort Look Eye Gel (purchase here).
If all else fails, a great flat concealer will help to cover up those troublesome bags and puffiness. Make sure you steer clear of anything that will catch the light. We recommend BECCA Compact Concealer (purchase here). On days that your eyes are particularly puffy, try a statement lip to draw the eye away.