Sunday, 11 March 2012

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Big Day, Big Decisions - Wedding Day Makeup

The big day is looming and everything is booked. You almost think you have everything covered and with so much on your mind who would blame you, you’ve forgotten to think about your bridal make up! Don’t fret; there are simple ways to work out the look you are after for your big day. 

It’s safe to say most of us want to look like the best version of ourselves on the wedding day and this is a huge factor in narrowing down your choices. If you would never normally do a bold lip, your wedding day isn’t the day to throw on that deep red! This isn’t to say don’t try something new, rather, stick to something that is subtle such as filling in your brows or false lashes. False lashes or eyelash extensions are a fantastic addition to your wedding day makeup. Wearing false lashes opens up your eye and gives a little something extra to your overall look. You can have your makeup artist apply them on the day or go for something a little more permanent with eyelash extensions that will last you around 2-4 weeks with proper maintenance. Extensions are fantastic options as you won’t have to worry about losing them half way through the day. Check out Boudoir Lash Bar (located in Neutral Bay), they are absolutely fantastic and often have great specials on.

Remembering the look you are after on your big day is extremely important. It can be easy to get caught up in the hype of being made over and forget that you are having a casual beach wedding and wanted a bit of a lip and cheek tint and a natural eye and end up with a full smokey eye. Both of these looks are fantastic wedding go-tos but it is important to keep in mind the ‘feel’ of your big day when deciding on your look. 

If you are completely lost on the overall look you are after for your wedding day looking for reference shots is a simple and useful way to narrow down your preferences. By looking through magazines and online, whether it is at real weddings or celebrity red carpet looks, you are bound to find something that jumps out at you! Remember to take some reference photos along to show your makeup artist exactly what you are after.  If all else fails, think of your go-to make up look for a Saturday night, take a favourite photo of yourself along with you to your makeup trial and work with your makeup artist to tweak the look to suit your big day. 

Try to have your trial at least three months out from your wedding day. In your consultation discuss to look you are trying to achieve and let the makeup artist know the overall feel for your big day so they completely understands the look you are after. This is also the time to bring out your reference pictures. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with your makeup artist, don’t feel terrible about trialing with a few more before you make your final decision.  A great makeup artist will make you feel at ease, don’t settle, it’s your big day!

I know that there are some products I use on a daily basis that suit my skin and I absolutely love the look and feel of.  If you have products like this make to contact your makeup artist and see if they work with it otherwise feel free to bring it along with you to your trial and work it into your look. This is particularly important if you know you are sensitive to certain brands or products. Make sure to speak up as there are often many alternatives that will be just as fantastic!  

Here are some of our favourite wedding day products:

BECCA Beach tint – this is product is a fabulous go to for your big day as it’s water resistant and kiss proof – huge points for that! For that gorgeous rosy look blend a little on your lips and cheeks. It comes in 7 different colours so you won’t have any problem finding a shade that suits your look.

Becca Beach Tint

BECCA Loose shimmer power – this is multipurpose product comes in 5 colours and is a great product for your bridal look. Use it to set a cream shadow on your lids to add intensity to a smokey eye, with a lip gloss for a fun and flirty look, all over your body for an ethereal glow or as a highlighter on your brow and cheek bones. 

Becca Loose Shimmer Powder

What are your go-to products? What look did you/will you go for on your big day? 

BECCA Cosmetics are available for purchase at Bronzalicious.We also offer in salon makeovers using BECCA products. Check out our latest special here - only $99!

Bronzalicious love and recommend Sharon Leigh & Petrina for your Wedding Day hair and makeup looks!

Pictures from BECCA Cosmetics and Google.