Wednesday, 20 July 2011

12 Week Program

Over the last couple of months, Bronzalicious ran a competition on Facebook to win a 12 Week Skin Care Program with us. It was a simple competition: all you had to do was tell us on Facebook why your skin deserved to win the 12 Week Program and get all your friends and family to vote. The person with the most "likes" won.
We had two lucky ladies who were our winners: Francesca Lucas and Amy Anderson.
Francesca is a young lady who has suffered from problem skin for almost 6 years. It begun with the occasional pimple, and it has progressed into something more serious and she no longer feels comfortable leaving the house without make up on. Francesca is sick of worrying about how she looks all the time. 
"I want to be comfortable in my own skin!", she said.
Amy has just recently had a baby (congratulations Amy!) and is worried about her pigmented skin. 
Please stay tuned to hear how their stories unfold. 

Mrs Australian and W.I.N Charity Tanning Day

Mrs Australian and W.I.N Charity Tanning Day on Friday 27th of May was HUGE!!
First off Bronzalicious would love to thank the following sponsors:
Saints Cosmedical, Pierre Haddad, Jessica Geleration, St Trepoz, Vani-T, Naked Tan and Priori.
WOW....We raised a total of $3520 for W.I.N. (Women In Need) the charity behind the Mrs Australia Organisation, at our Charity Tanning Charity Day on Friday 27th May. Thank you to our many sponsors and to our loyal clients who supported the day. We WILL make our target of $10K this year for W.I.N with a couple more events. Keep your eyes & ears posted!
Thank you for everyone that supported us on this day, your donations were extremely appreciated thank you very much.


When you choose Bronzalicious for your permanent Hair Reduction you will receive a laser qualified aesthetician who is accredited with years of experience in light therapy and hair removal treatments.
We use and recommend Intense Pulsed Light treatments (or IPL), which are performed with Approved FDA technology.
POA: Exact prices will be quoted during the consultation, our price guide is listed below.

Is it safe?
Fine blonde, red and grey hair can be difficult to treat? A consultation & test patch is required on all clients, this will assess your suitability for this treatment. We offer a Complimentary Consultation Fee.

Our Hair reduction treatments will:
Remove unwanted hair
Leave your skin soft & rejuvenated
Leave you feeling comfortable and confident to wear what you want

Our Hair Reduction treatment is for people who:
Are looking to achieve long lasting removal of unwanted hair
Appreciate the luxury of never having to shave or wax again