Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Spring Racing Carnival Package.

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Pre-Wedding Exfoliation

A remineralising salt scrub is absolutely divine the week before the big day. A good salt scrub uses organic products and should feel quite abrasive on the body.

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Body Exfoliation
A full body & face exfoliation designed for your skin and your senses. Choose from: Moroccan Coffee, Fiji Souffle, Chocolate Indulgence, Mineral Salts.

It's the easiest and best way to invigorate the body as it shifts dead skin cells, increases circulation and oxygenates the blood for super glowing skin.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pre Wedding Bridal Treatments

Deep cleansing facial

A facial can do wonders for skin clarity and tone, however it's best to get one two weeks prior to the wedding day to allow for pimples and toxins that are just underneath the epidermis layer to come up and clear.

Bronzalicous have lots of favourite  including an oxygen facial, but any deep cleansing and manually exfoliating facial will eliminate black heads and encourage beautifully clean and clear skin.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Like you need another reason to quit? Seriously—it's time. Because if you keep smoking, you'll not only damage your health, but you'll develop more and more deep wrinkles and blotchier skin tone. In fact, every decade of smoking results in a perceived extra 2.5 years of age, according to research published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Cosmetic History.

Before Maybelline created the first mascara, women mixed Vaseline and coal dust to tint their lashes. Ladies would also slap themselves in the face to obtain a natural flush. Cosmetics could mark you as a loose woman well into the 1920s, so nice girls had to make do with pinching their cheeks. Plus, the first blushes came as bright red loose powders that couldn’t be carried in a lady’s handbag.

Now: Mascara is the true beauty equalizer, that every woman 'must have'. As for blush, cream, powder, and gel blushes are available for every skin type. For an old school “just pinched” look, go with a sheer stain.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Self tanning tips from Bronzalicous

  • The faster you see the streaks developing, the easier they'll be to remove. Consider using a fast-developing self-tanner so you can see the "oops moments" as they unfold, or use a gradual tanner, like St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Mousse ($39.95). This way, bad results are less obvious.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Storing your tools

Bronzalicous recommends storing brushes vertically.  If you have the space, separate them based on purpose (eyes, lips, face). Mason Jars are great for an aesthetic storage solution. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nail myths "Give nails a break from polish to let them breathe."

Nails do not have a respiratory system so they cannot essentially breathe. In fact, the nail you see is in fact dead. The living part of the nail is found within the matrix which is underneath the base of the nail. 

It is important to remember nail varnish can be very toxic and because of the intensity of the colour and the chemicals this can be massively dehydrating on the nails. This dehydration can affect the nails in various ways, including ridging, scaling, brittleness, discolouration, and it can also cause white flecks to appear on the nail.

Whilst the nails are covered with polish the damage to the nails will continue, but also with the nail covered you cannot see the damage that is being caused so by the time you do see it the damage is done. Polish-free days are essential when looking after your nails as it allows them time to breathe and recover, rehydrating naturally. Your nails will be in much better condition if you take a week between each polish as they will have had enough time to revitalize and strengthen.

The Difference Between BB, CC & DD Creams

BB creams can smooth the skin, contain anti-aging elements, even out your skin tone, moisturize, protect against sun damage, and have a light-reflecting component that give your skin a dewy, luminous look!
Lighter than a BB cream, CC cream's primary purpose is to correct color-related skin issues, such as sallowness or redness. Like BB cream, it has SPF as well (number varies by brand).
Fresh to the alphabet cream craze, DD creams, or "dynamic do-all" are a super cream: They combine the power and benefits of both BB and CC creams. However, their primary focus is anti-aging. The anti-aging speciality of the cream works to diminish wrinkles and fine lines throughout use. Additionally, DD cream will balance skin tone and protect the most sensitive areas of your skin.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beauty Myth; "Shaving your legs makes your hair grown back thicker and darker."

This scenario is as old as the hills: You're between waxes but the sun is out (for once) and you want to wear your new pencil skirt. What do you do? You can't shave, as your leg hairs will grow back as coarse and dark as a horse's tail. Right? Nope, not at all. Grab that razor and shave away.

Shaving removes the surface hair, so it encourages re-growth. However, shaving does not cause the hair to grow back thicker. When you shave, you slice off the hair giving it a blunt tip, which makes it more noticeable when re-growth occurs. Waxing is more destructive to the hair follicle as it pulls the hair from the root. Therefore, the hair will grow back finer and take longer to come through. BRONZALICOUS recommend waxing every four to six weeks. 

MYTH: "Eating chocolates gives you spots."

We've thought this ourselves many times, but is that really the reason? For a long time, the answer would have been a resounding no, but new research is causing the medical community to think differently. There may be some truth to the old wives' tale that too much chocolate can cause spots. Hormones influence spots or acne, which is why flares often occur in teenagers, and around the menstrual cycle in women. Recent research suggests a diet high in refined sugars and high glycemic index foods can cause surges in the hormone insulin, which also seems to trigger acne. However, moderate or severe acne is unlikely to be controlled by diet alone. It seems that eating chocolate occasionally is sort of okay, but it can't become a daily habit. We can live with that.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I go brown really easily without burning - does that mean I can forget about skin damage or cancer?

Unless it's out of a bottle, there's no such thing as a "safe" tan. The brown colour is a result of melanin, which is produced in larger quantities when the skin is exposed to UV radiation. The more melanin that is produced, the darker the skin will go. So this over-enthusiastic production of melanin is just the skin's way of protecting itself against UV damage. Just because you don't burn doesn't mean you're not damaging your skin. If your skin turns brown easily, it means it's producing more melanin, and while that may offer a bit of protection, sun damage is still occurring.

Spring Clean your make up bag

How to spring clean your beauty routine

Clear out your makeup kit

At the start of each season, we should have a clear out of all our old make-up.
Most concerning is mascara. It should generally only be used for three months, as it easily becomes contaminated. Plus, the eye area is so sensitive. When mascara gets clumpy, buy a new one. Your eyes are too important to risk infection.

As for lipsticks, we suggest wiping them with alcohol, especially any that you haven’t used in the past six months. With lip and eye pencils, sharpening them can remove any bacteria.
You can safely keep using shadows and powders for up to three years, but assess your  products regularly and if you notice a change in colour or smell, think twice before using it.

Source: Body and Soul

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Acne can occur anywhere on your body where you have hair follicles and oil
secreting glands, not just on your face. Accumulation of dead skin cells or buildup
from products like lotions and body washes can clog these glands and pores.
When the pore becomes clogged, bacteria get trapped, causing acne to form. The
face, chest, back and bottom are the prime acne areas (and if you have acne on
your face, you’re also more likely to have it on your back or bottom). Hormonal
imbalances may also contribute to the formation of body acne, which is why if
you’re experiencing severe breakouts, it’s best to visit your dermatologist to rule out
other possible health problems.

Shower Regularly & Use The Right Cleanser
First, make sure that you are showering regularly, and if you have oily skin, you
need to shower daily. Also, after a workout, resist the urge to hang out in your
workout clothes and instead hop straight into the shower to wash off the sweat and
bacteria on your skin.

When showering, use a body cleanser that contains an acne-fighting ingredient like
benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that will work to treat your acne while preventing
new acne.