Tuesday, 29 May 2012

6 Tips for Winter Perfect Skin

Here are my 5 TOP TIPS for a blissfully happy-looking winter skin.

While the temperature falls, the wind-factor picks up and the dreaded flu lingers in the air, its hardly our favourite season (mmmm, if only we had the beauty of heavenly snow).   Harsh as the weather may be people, there’s no reason your skin should be bullied into uncomfortable dryness, flakiness, dullness, or awfull blinding whiteness!  Wrap that scarf around, zip up your jacket, and say good-bye to dry and helllllooooo to a winter glow!

1.  See a skincare specialist

We all like to think we know what’s best for ourselves, but the truth is, the expertise of a skincare specialist can make a world of a difference in how you understand and treat your skin. Skincare consultations at the Bronzalicious Clinics are performed by Dermal Therapists and best of all are FREE* from 10-5pm Monday to Friday, outside of those times a skincare consultation is $50, which is redeemable from any treatments/ products purchased.  We stock over 6 Internationally Recognised SkinCare Brands: Priori Cosmeceuticals, O-Cosmedics, Decleor Paris, Bergman Cosmeceuticals, emerginC Cosmeceuticals, Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals.  
There are so many awesome skin solutions on the market!  What we look for as skin specialists at Bronzalicious are ingredients that pack punch, products that actually work, we are only interested in representing brands in our clinics that are modern and evolving and affordable, so that we ensure we are always bringing you best!

2.  Moisturise like you’ve never before 

We typically advise having a different skincare routine for the spring/summer and winter months because your skin has different needs due to the changing environment. Upgrade to a thicker, if not oil-based (depending on your skin type, of course!) daily moisturiser to help nourish, hydrate and protect the skin from the harsher outdoor elements. Indulge in richer body lotions/creams  that contain AHA's, these help cellular turnover and prevent the rest of your skin from uncomfortable dryness or cracking. And if you think your skin needs an extra kick besides that facial moisturizer, look into investing in a protective night booster/cream for added defence against dry!

3. Nothing makes you look and feel as healthy and sexy, like a Winter "Kiss-Tan". 

Ladies and gents, by "Kiss Tan" we mean just that, a glow, never over-done, in fact quite the contrary, we suggest and recommend a moisturising formula in a light tone to simply lift the skin and wipe away any signs of sallow!  Light moisturising tans will have virtually "no-wear-off factor" and don't worry, our tanning treatment rooms are always kept toasty and warm. Winter-Glow Tans we recommend: Botanicals X-press, Botanicals Standard, Vani-T Medium, Norvell 1hr, SummerTan Organic Medium, Bronzalicious Latte

4.  Slip, Slop, Slap

Too many people make the mistake of limiting sunscreens just for the summer months. Damaging UV rays are present year-round, especially in Australia. So be sure to slip, slop, slap all winter long on exposed skin, you know, the face & the "old-lady" hands.

5.  Scrub-a-dub-dub....aka exfoliate.

Skin needs exfoliation on a regular basis, but hold off on the grittier salt scrubs, instead opt for gentle lightly abrasive options that have active ingredients like glycolic, AHA's and lactic acid compounds. Because your skin is more delicate in Winter these exfoliating actives get rid of any dulling buildup and promote a healthy cell turnover rate. This is the key to radiant, glowing skin, especially in the winter months.

6. Get a flu shot.

Nothing makes skin glow more than healthy insides!  

What are your tips and tricks for winter skin?

* A credit card number is required to secure your free skin care consultation, 24hrs notice is required for changes/cancellations please.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SNEAK PEEK: New Facial Menu - coming next week.

Angelina and Brad do it, cosmetic surgeons are out of a job because of it! Skin needling otherwise known as C.I.T (Collagen Induction Therapy) is taking the anti-aging world by storm. It’s easy, natural and effective!

HOT TIP: Apply your recommended serum then use the home-care needling kit for 400 times better product penetration!

Here is one of the NEW facials as part of our New Facial Menu which is to be released next week:- For complete skin remodelling - check out the NEW Youth-a-nator facial, for visible results a course of 6-12 is recommended.

We have payment plans available for all of our facial courses. Youth-a-nator facial (collagen induction/ skin re-modelling treatment) Treatment Time: 90mins Say bye-bye to the signs of ageing, stubborn pigmentation & acne scarring with a course of the Youth-a-nator facials.

Whether you’ve neglected your skin for years, acquired a nice spread of pigmentation, or are still nursing acne scarring from your teenage years, these skin concerns can be dramatically improved with a course of youth-a-nator treatments.

Professional skin needling + 15min healing green light + anti-aging peel & paraffin treatment for hands


3 Course: $1169 ($389 p/treatment)
6 course: $1999.00 ($333 p/treatment)
12 course: $3499.00 ($291 p/treatment)